Nakorio - Operations Specialist (Headquarters)

Nakorio is pleased to announce an opening for the position of Operations Specialist (Headquarters).

Position ID: PID3349 (full-time permanent, Tbilisi)

About the Company: Nakorio is part of a private international holding group with interests in a diverse set of asset classes, investments and operating businesses. As a faith-based organization, we combine inspired principles, cutting-edge operations disciplines, and advanced office environments to our work.

Position Overview: In this challenging role as an Operations Specialist, you will work closely with your Team Leader on various special projects, in a fast-paced, collaborative and precise environment.  You will wear multiple hats as you multitask in such areas as: operating administration, research, data organization, banking and finance transactions, interfacing with vendors/clients/staff, accounting operations, report preparation, purchasing, etc.

Office Environment: Our headquarters corporate operations command center is set up like a “situation room” used by an intelligence agency, with semi-circular open desk layout, large screen display monitors, and laser pointers.  This holding group “command center” is where the real action is.  From this control room, we administer and oversee our portfolio companies and investments, and related operations.


Opportunities for Growth: Exceptional opportunities for career growth because of this position`s vantage point in exposing you to different operating businesses and investments managed by the holding group.


  • Highly intelligent, quick thinker
  • High degree of detail orientation, precision and accuracy
  • Fast typing speed and ability to quickly navigate multiple software windows
  • Fluency required: English (and Georgian and Russian preferred)
  • Minimum advanced educational degree completed: Bachelor

Job Particulars:

  • Full-time, permanent position, with benefits.
  • Location: Tbilisi, Georgia (Office: Gorgasali Street)
  • Number of staff working under you initially: 0
  • Career path: Opportunities for fast promotion
  • Strong mission, vision and values guiding the holding group

Apply today:

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გამოცდილების დონე : საშუალო

სქესი : (ნებისმიერი)

გამოქვეყნებუილია : 12/09/2019

ბოლო ვადა : 27/09/2019

სამუშაო ID : 8721-F5Xa7QoLc


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